StratOp for Teams



StratOp for Teams utilizes key tools from the StratOp process to align functions and teams more closely with an organization’s established Strategic Vision, Mission and Plan.

Team members will:

  • Actively engage in the development of key initiatives
  • Gain increased clarity and connection to their personal contributions
  • Positively impact the organization’s goals and objectives.


StratOp for Teams builds an enduring process for managing key priorities and initiatives with the flexibility to adapt and adjust quickly and effectively as needs change.  StratOp for Teams is designed to enhance an organization’s StratOp plan or support an organization’s already established strategic plan.


Built into the StratOp process is a streamlined system of management that enables teams to easily track progress and adjust and adapt as needed along the way. The plan is reviewed and “scrubbed” quarterly for greater impact and alignment. The result? “Full alignment, full engagement!”

Jera Partnerships is a certified facilitator of the Paterson StratOp process.

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