The Origin of JERA

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Our awareness of JERA (“yare-ah”) began with a trip to Iceland shortly after we left our roles at OtterBox and THRIVE!partners to explore the next phase of our lives and careers. In the gift shop at Keflavik International Airport we noticed several items for sale with interesting symbols on them. Our attention was continuously drawn towards one particular symbol.

A quick look at the tags informed us that these were replicas of the ancient Nordic Rune Symbol – Jera. As we read more we realized that the meaning of Jera has many interpretations, but the ones that stuck with us at the moment were… “the time of reaping rewards from seeds sown in the past” and “the anticipation of a bountiful harvest as a result of taking planful and deliberate action.”

As ideas began to solidify regarding the next chapter in our career journey, the concept of Jera continued to resonate with us. Research showed us that Jera’s meaning was diverse, and centered around the following concepts:

1. Just reward for positive action and past efforts
2. Taking action when the time is right
3. The consequences of past actions unfolding into the future
5. Implied fruitfulness, profit or achievement of a goal
6. Initiating gradual and lasting change in life

And most succinctly…

“The promise of success earned”

We’ve learned that when People, Leaders, Teams and Organizations are aligned with their PASSION, connected with their COURAGE and understand their PURPOSE they are more likely to TRIUMPH in their lives and businesses. “The promise of success earned…” quickly became central to the design and development of the organization we formed. We believe strongly that the actions we take today greatly influence our opportunities for success in the future. As strategic partners, in work and in life, we look to come alongside our clients in their journey to align their actions with their purpose and achieve fulfillment of their greatest potential.

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