iStock_000036890188_XXXLarge“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”  – Mattie Stepanek


Organizations are made up of a collection of teams. As companies grow, new teams form—usually to meet a specific need and with a clearly defined purpose. Over time, teams may lose sight of their role in the “big picture” and may appear to operate independently of the broader strategy. When this happens, team members lose sight of how their contributions positively impact an organization and team unity and productivity suffers. JERA Partnerships provides a process for building stronger relationships, uniting teams with their purpose and aligning them with their organization’s vision and mission. Working with teams, Jera Partnerships delivers a practical and actionable plan to achieve these objectives. The results can be engaging and rewarding, and you will develop:

  • Greater clarity and alignment around what it takes to succeed
  • Stronger connection and trust between team members
  • Effective balance between collaboration and individual contribution

We combine over 25 years of team building experience with a selection of systems and techniques that include:

Aligning a team’s true purpose with the organization’s current objectives increases clarity, builds trust and confidence—allowing leaders and teams to contribute in a more impactful way and meet their goals. JERA Partnerships has the experience and tools to help you develop teams that have increasing capabilities that are sustainable over time. Contact Us…