Why JERA Partnerships?

At JERA Partnerships, we believe in “The Promise of Success Earned” – the steps we take today greatly influence opportunities for success in the future. (To learn more about the meaning and origin of JERA click here.) When leaders, teams and organizations align their business strategies more closely with their people strategies, they can affect positive change and meaningful results. JERA Partnerships is uniquely positioned to assist in that journey because we have over 50 years of combined real world leadership experience, from management to executive levels in organizations that have been acknowledged as successful and “Great Places to Work”. We offer internationally recognized leadership and team development models, proven strategic planning tools, access to all major assessment instruments and delivery by certified facilitators and coaches. The blend of these resources encourages People, Leaders, Teams and Organizations to align with their PASSION, connect with their COURAGE and understand their PURPOSE so they can TRIUMPH in their lives and businesses.

We respect the fact that each leader, team, organization and individual is different– so we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to anything. Because we have a comprehensive selection of established tools and approaches at our disposal, we have the freedom to take a diagnostic, rather than a prescriptive approach, to offering solutions. JERA Partnerships works to understand where you are today while uncovering and identifying the challenges hampering greatness. Our solutions assist you in fully realizing your triumphant vision for yourself, your team or your organization.

Because we love the work we do and use the strategies we recommend to clients in our own business, our values reflect our commitment to our clients, our associates, our partners and our communities:

JERAPartnershD05aR01aP13ZL-Madison1a INTEGRITY: Operating with INTEGRITY and honesty allows us to do our best work.

JERAPartnershD05aR01aP13ZL-Madison1a COURAGE: Having the desire to change, lead, innovate or simply approach things differently requires COURAGE. We approach challenges with confidence and resolution to triumph over the mindset of “it can’t be done.”

JERAPartnershD05aR01aP13ZL-Madison1a TRUTH: Engaging candidly builds trust and speaking TRUTH is central to that process.

JERAPartnershD05aR01aP13ZL-Madison1a CONTRIBUTION: Making a CONTRIBUTION is key to satisfaction and success; that’s why we work hard to do things well and with purpose to have a positive impact.

JERAPartnershD05aR01aP13ZL-Madison1a PERSPECTIVE: We believe that taking even a moment to gain PERSPECTIVE allows us all the freedom to respond thoughtfully to any situation.

JERAPartnershD05aR01aP13ZL-Madison1a PARTNERSHIP: We pursue strong relationships with like-minded people and organizations that are satisfying, enhance mutual interests and build success.

Our role is to help People, Leaders, Teams and Organizations do their best work so they can reap “the promise of success earned.”