Move Forward With Confidence


Move Forward With Confidence

With the proper perspective and alignment, comes strategic clarity.

Transform yourself and your organization for the next stage of growth.

Create competitive advantage through the power of teamwork.

Many consulting firms offer solutions before

gaining the right perspective

– they provide the right answers to all the

wrong questions.


JERA is different.


At JERA, our diagnostic approach means

that we understand your challenges and

leverage your strengths, while cutting a

clear path through complexity to provide

strategic clarity.



JERA Partnerships named Mission-Minded Champions of Change Winner!

Champions of Change are Colorado organizations that have made it a priority to increase diversity, provide family-friendly benefits, and address the wage gap. They make it an integral part of their strategy to encourage more women in leadership and develop a pipeline for emerging female leaders.

Check out the Mission-Minded video, featuring Diane Zile:



 Congratulations to all the winners; you’re all making the world a better place!

Mission-Minded: JERA Partnerships + Lockton Companies
Industry Trailblazers: Vail Resorts + Sairoop Technologies
Corporate Change-Makers: Fidelity Investments + FirstBank
Small But Mighty: Canna Advisors + Agility Solutions
Innovation Award: Pinnacol Assurance + Crowe LLP
Social Impact: The Equity Project LLC + Women in Kind (WiNK)



Kicks off 2020-2030 Strategic Planning Process with


The UCCS Chancellor’s Cabinet and representatives from JERA Partnerships
meet at the Heller Center for Arts & Humanities.

JERA Partnerships is pleased to announce a partnership with UCCS to facilitate and develop their 2020-2030 strategic plan in collaboration with the many university stakeholders. Above, Diane Zile, JERA CEO and founder, and the JERA team engaged the Chancellor’s Cabinet to understand how best to approach the strategic planning process and engage all the relevant stakeholders over the next year-and-a-half.

“As we prepare to see what the next decade holds for us, we’re pleased to have the experience of JERA Partnerships facilitating the process,” said Chancellor Venkat Reddy. “This is an important moment for the university as we evaluate what we have accomplished in the current strategic plan and see what we can attain in the future. I am looking forward to active participation from our faculty, staff, students, alumni, university leadership and community leaders.”


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