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JERA Partnerships is on an urgent mission to change the way the world works. When people bring their fully-engaged selves to work every day, organizations realize amazing results. We believe in uncovering and focusing on what is most critical to an organization’s success, tapping into the expertise of existing teams, cultivating authentic leadership within the organization and connecting with the noble passions that individuals bring to the workplace every day. When this happens, organizations, leaders and their teams are freed to do their best work and attain unparalleled heights.

Making the Very Human Decisions about Hiring


A Powerful Selection Tool… and So Much More

PXT Select starts as a powerful selection tool that helps leaders determine how candidates will fit in a specific job.  PXT Select helps inform those making hiring decisions of four things:

  • The candidate’s ability to do the job
  • How they’ll do it
  • Whether or not they’ll like doing it
  • And how they compare to other candidates

It helps leaders interview with confidence by suggesting tailored questions to ask, as well as “what to listen for” based on the candidate’s assessment results, all related to a specific job.

Once a candidate is selected, the tool provides great insight for:

  • effective onboarding
  • ongoing coaching
  • setting both candidates and leaders up for success

Want to Learn More about PXT SELECT?
Join us at the PXT SELECT Roadshow in Denver – September 27th 2018

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Denver Marriott Tech Center
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM MST
4900 S. Syracuse Street
Denver Colorado 80237

Changing the Way the World Works



Our strategic planning process, Paterson StratOp, combines the best of strategic, financial AND operational planning to create an actionable, nimble and renewable roadmap for individual teams and entire organizations. Designed to easily track progress and adjust and adapt to changing needs, the plan is built by tapping into the expertise of the organization. Cross-functional collaboration throughout all levels of the team or organization results in heightened levels of alignment, engagement, empowerment, and exceptional results.



Developing and honing leadership skills is a lifelong journey. We engage leaders in finding their purpose, opportunities for growth and build real-world skills to connect them with their intuition, talent, passion, and courage. In this quest for Authentic Leadership, we have a variety of best-of-breed programs at our disposal including Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, Emergenetics, Everything DiSC ManagementoGoLead with David Novak, Paterson LifePlan and Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders that we use to supplement our over 25 years of executive level leadership experience. We work with executives who want to enrich and expand their leadership knowledge, leaders who are assuming new positions and want to make quick and meaningful impact, and emerging leaders who want to understand and effectively use their own best way of leading.



High-functioning teams are the biggest competitive advantage an organization can have. Aligning a team’s true purpose with the organization’s key objectives increases clarity and builds trust and confidence. We help teams develop a common language, improve communications, and build more effective and productive relationships by employing world-class solutions such as The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, StratOp for Teams, Everything DiSC WorkplaceEmergeneticsEverything DiSC Sales and PXT Select. The end result is a team that is contributing in an impactful manner, is making better and faster decisions, is committed to the organization’s purpose, displays increased accountability while achieving stellar results and, best of all, is made up of people who enjoy being part of it.



We believe strongly that each of us is here to contribute our own unique talents and gifts and be a positive influence in the world. In today’s world of compressed time, increased pressure and innumerable demands we often sacrifice our own dreams for the dreams of others—or simply lose sight of what is important. By using Paterson LifePlan, Emergenetics, and Transformational Personal Coaching we provide a path for connecting your individual talents and passion with your purpose and the results can be life-changing.



There are many ways to begin a dialogue around today’s business challenges and Diane Zile can start that conversation. She is a passionate, experienced leader and former Chief People Officer. She has led several organizations to be recognized as “Top 10” state and national “Great Places to Work.” She is passionate about and speaks nationally regarding, “Engaging Strategies,” “Authentic Leadership,” and “Healthy Cultures.” She also delivers custom designed, content rich, Breakout Sessions on these and other topics.



JERA Partnerships has a successful track record of creatively facilitating Leadership and Board Retreats, and other high-stakes meetings for Corporations, Companies, Foundations, Non-Profits and Government entities. We achieve powerful outcomes and experiences for our clients by tailoring these sessions to be engaging, effective and productive. To learn if JERA Partnerships can assist you with your next Meeting or Retreat please contact us.

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At JERA, we believe that the steps we take today greatly influence our opportunities for success in the future – “The Promise of Success Earned.” JERA Partnerships works with your Leaders, Teams, and People to unlock the potential that exists at every level in your organization.

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