Strategic Alignment

When it comes to strategy, organizations can suffer from a lack of vision, a lack of strategic alignment, a lack of execution – or a combination of all three. And too often, strategy is developed without first gathering the proper perspective. What good are the right answers to the wrong questions?

Development- Individuals PictureAt JERA, we use facilitation to harness organizational wisdom and engage the smartest minds in the room – yours. Effective strategic planning is shaped by perspective – and borne out of foundational aspects of organizations like your purpose, compensation planning, and innovation breakthrough.

We’re big believers in StratOp – a strategic operating planning system that “manages the whole.” StratOp isn’t just a solution – it’s an adjustable, dynamic plan that operationalizes strategy in a company-wide set of action initiatives.

With StratOp, leadership teams and key stakeholders align on the approach because the strategy is created using their perspective. And when cross-functional teams come together behind a strategic plan, it’s their plan, not ours.

With JERA as your partner, you’ve got a secret weapon, and you can take your strategic vision and turn it into strategic clarity.