JERA’s Mission: To Change the Way the World “Works.”

When people bring their fully-engaged selves to work every day, organizations realize amazing results. We believe in uncovering and focusing on what is most critical to an organization’s success, tapping into the expertise of existing teams, cultivating authentic leadership within the organization and connecting with the noble passions that individuals bring to the workplace every day. When this happens, leaders and their teams are freed to do their best work and attain unparalleled heights.

JERA’s Values: Practicing what we preach.

Because we love the work we do and use the strategies we recommend to clients in our own business, our values reflect our commitment to our clients, our associates, our partners and our communities:

INTEGRITY: Operating with INTEGRITY and honesty allows us to do our best work.

COURAGE: Having the desire to change, lead, innovate or simply approach things differently requires COURAGE. We approach challenges with confidence and resolution to triumph over the mindset of “it can’t be done.”

TRUTH: Engaging candidly builds trust and speaking TRUTH is central to that process.

CONTRIBUTION: Making a CONTRIBUTION is key to satisfaction and success; that’s why we work hard to do things well and with purpose to have a positive impact.

PERSPECTIVE: We believe that taking even a moment to gain PERSPECTIVE allows us all the freedom to respond thoughtfully to any situation.

PARTNERSHIP: We pursue strong relationships with like-minded people and organizations that are satisfying, enhance mutual interests and build success.