Couples LifePlan


What’s Important Now?

A Couples LifePlan is a dynamic process developed for partners who wish to connect more deeply with their unique talents and passions to fully realize and achieve their life’s purpose together.

During a 3-day, professionally facilitated, Couples LifePlan, you and your partner develop a unified plan that builds the foundation for an exceptional relationship. The process aligns you as a couple while affirming each individual’s uniqueness.

Too often couples sacrifice their own dreams for the dreams of others, or simply lose sight of those things that are essential for them to become the best partners they can be. We believe that when people are aligned with their passion, connected with their courage and understand their purpose they are more likely to find satisfaction in their lives.

With a couples LifePlan, you will gain full perspective on your life/career partnership journey and connect more deeply with your life’s purpose. Each couple will create a detailed and actionable plan to achieve the life they were meant to live. During the process you will develop a language for future communication and build a sound framework for making decisions together.

With LifePlan for Couples, You’ll receive the support and knowledge needed to manage and shift your plan as your life’s journey continues—because, well… life happens! Prepare to embrace all that is possible.