Jera Partnerships

Step into the Shoes of Your Audience and Achieve Breakthroughs

With the Power of Design Thinking.

Every team can be a Design Thinking team.

As westerners, we tend to be “solutionists” and arrive at solutions before we understand the challenges. But when we observe the world and derive insights by practicing empathy, we begin design thinking. Our Design Thinking workshop was created to give non-creative teams the tools to practice breakthrough design thinking by adopting the practices of designers. When organizational leaders “embrace the mess” of innovation and use the human-centric tools of designers to go from looking to seeing.

Find the balance between desirability, feasibility and viability and achieve breakthrough.

We specialize working with executive leadership teams, boards of directors, and cross-functional team and project stakeholders who may be tackling a wide variety of challenges. Whether it’s innovation for products, business strategy or organizational transformation, design thinking can offer unique, revolutionary solutions.

Use a human-centric, team-based approach to develop a new way of thinking.

Design Thinking.