Selection, Interviewing, Succession, and Coaching.

One tool, many solutions.

PXT Select™ is an assessment-based program founded on 20 years of research and customizable job performance models. Whether your challenge is candidate selection, succession planning, effective interviewing, or coaching team members, PXT Select™ is a powerful tool that gives you the power to move forward with confidence

In today’s tightening employee market, hiring or promoting the wrong candidate can be a costly – yet preventable – decision.


Making hiring decisions simpler and smarter.

PXT Select™ is a versatile and dynamic tool that offers managers outstanding value given how many roles it plays. From identifying thinking and behavioral preferences to ranking a candidate’s job “fit,” PXT is more than a selection tool. It helps managers perform succession planning, and gives them tailored interview questions, including post-hire coaching and management recommendations.

PXT Select enables you to:

Get a clear picture of a candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests
Explore an expanding library of job functions to which you can compare candidates
Ask tailored interview questions and keep an open ear for “what to listen for” based on a candidate’s assessment
Identify ways to enhance employee performance and maximize his/her contribution

Increase your certainty in hiring, interviewing and succession planning

with the help of PXT Select™.