Strategic Alignment

Is your organization looking for…

  • Clarity of Vision
  • Strategic and Operational Alignment
  • Execution of Objectives

… or a combination of all three?

At JERA, we use facilitation to harness organizational wisdom and engage the smartest minds in the room – yours.

With JERA, you’ll partner with an experienced team of Strategic Planners that will bring clarity, alignment and execution to your organization’s Strategic Plan.

We offer three adjustable and dynamic strategic development packages designed for where your organization is today and where you want it to be in the future.

Put simply they are; “Define It”, “Plan it” and “Do it”.

Strategic Clarity


Strategic Doing

Learn more about Strategic Planning from our experts

The Promise of Success Learned


Papers, Presentations and Documents

S103: StratOp Explained – Slide Deck – David Zile

S102: HI Five – Strategic Doing – Diane Zile

S101: StratOp Process Steps Defined – Paterson StratOp


Videos, Animations and Podcasts

S206: Podcast – JERA CEO Discusses Strategy – Diane ZIle

S205: Podcast – Strategic Doing – David ZIle

S204: Podcast – When Good Plans Go Bad – David ZIle

S203: Animation – Strategic Doing Overview – Animation

S202: Podcast – Strategy Substitutes – David Zile

S201: Video: Strategic Alignment – Diane Zile

Strategy Blogs