When doing the same thing again,

just won’t work anymore!


Most strategic plans are developed without gaining the appropriate perspective needed to understand how the organization got to where it is today. As a result, planning teams tend to rush to solutions before they have a clear idea of the organization’s core issues.

StratOp is different. It is a proven process that takes a cross-functional approach to planning that simplifies complexity, gains strategic clarity, and creates a clear plan for action.

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The StratOp process is designed to be completed with your cross-functional leadership team and a certified StratOp facilitator.

StratOp is not a solution imposed upon your teams – it’s a strategic plan that is developed by Harnessing the Organizational Wisdom and expertise within your teams.

Your organizations and teams will…

Gain perspective on “where they have been”

Clarify “where they are going”

Focus on the most critical issues – “what’s important now”

Develop a customized plan for “how to get there”

S101: StratOp Process Steps Defined

S103: StratOp Explained – Slide Deck

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Hope is not a strategy!

 Hope is what you feel when you have a clear and actionable strategic plan