Jera Partnerships

Communicate Your Purpose Authentically and Create a Stronger Emotional Connection with Your Audience.

Identifying your purpose, using story.

Your organization has a strong “what.”
Your organization has a strong “how.”

But does your organization have a strong “why?”

Our Why Facilitation uses a suite of perspective tools to craft a strong emotional “why” for your organization that faithfully and powerfully communicates your purpose.

All the world’s a story. Are you telling yours?

We believe that when an organization has a strong connection to its values and purpose that employees and customers feel a stronger sense of engagement and loyalty.

When you share your story, it’s a way for others to experience empathy and see themselves in your story, creating the conditions for trust, reciprocity, and advocacy.

When you’re the one who frames your story for others,

you guarantee that it’s a powerful force for change.