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As the exclusive partner of oGoLead’s Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership™     for Organizations, JERA Partnerships is the sole provider for managing the         oGoLead Guided Experience.

The Challenges Organizations Face With the “Now Generation”:

  • They expect organizations to create purpose-driven environments where leaders live their values
  • The “Now Generation” that consists largely of millennials, defines leadership differently than previous generations
  • They are not inspired by traditional, top-down leadership
  • They are motivated by leaders who empower others
  • They want leaders who give credit to the team

Closing Today’s Leadership Gap

A cultural divide has grown between management and employees, who are struggling to understand and engage with one another. As the largest and fastest-growing employee segment, millennials have vastly different values from previous generations Traditional leadership development programs miss the mark when it comes to transformation that “sticks.”

“Two-thirds of today’s fastest growing companies will fail within ten years. While there will be many contributing factors for their failure, most boil down to a lack of leadership.”

-“Why Two-Thirds of the Fastest-Growing Companies Fail” – Fortune – March 7, 2016

The Secret to Transformational Leadership

Heartwiring and Hardwiring your Leadership™ teaches your employees how to transform their leadership skills to bring out the best leader in themselves, so they can bring out the best results in others.

HEARTWIRING™ Leadership is about building passionate commitment in the people you lead or work with. It’s about being a leader who listens to those they lead, cares about them, recognizes them and acknowledges that every person on their team has value.
HARDWIRING™ Leadership is about what you do as a leader: using processes and procedures to ensure consistent results and removing barriers that get in the way. It’s putting process and discipline around the things that matter most to drive superior execution.

We believe it is the combination of these approaches that lead to the best results.

Leadership Development That Sticks

The Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership™ program will teach your next generation of leaders how to:

  • Uncover the secret to transforming your leadership style
  • The Knowledge Belief Action Framework
  • Engage, Equip and Elevate others
  • Choose a Power-FULL mindset and be your authentic self
  • Engage with the four Power-FULL Hardwiring tools every leader needs to overcome obstacles and accelerate results
  • Close the Intention–Action gap so you can deliver consistent results

The oGoLead Guided Experience for Organizations

Leadership development is even more effective when combined with a guided experience tailored to your organization, filled with additional experiences, exercises, tools and action plans With the help of an oGoLead-certified facilitator, participants go beyond the platform on a guided experience that brings the principles of Heartwired and Hardwired Leadership to life. Your expert facilitator guides your leaders and managers on their journey, with a strong focus on creating change that “sticks.”

The oGoLead Experience for Managers

The oGoLead experience isn’t just for participants. It’s for their managers too. Using the oGoLead Manager’s Guide, managers will follow the core principles of the program and track what their employees are learning, ensuring a transformational experience for everyone involved. Managers will learn to role model the very behaviors their employees are learning – as well as how to create an environment that supports ongoing practice and learning.

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