One System for Strategic, Operational, and Financial Planning.

Strategic vision, alignment, and execution.

Most strategy is developed without gaining the appropriate perspective – people rush to solutions before they have a clear understanding of the core issues. What good are the right answers to the wrong questions?

StratOp is different. It is a proven process that takes a cross-functional approach to planning that simplifies complexity, gains strategic clarity, and creates a clear plan of action to hold team-members accountable.

Planning for tomorrow, today: StratOp.

Developed by Tom Paterson – the man Peter Drucker once called “the best consultant in America” – the StratOp process is designed to be completed with your cross-functional leadership team and a certified StratOp facilitator from JERA Partnerships. How StratOp is unique:

  • 2-3-day process
  • Cross-functional approach (breakthroughs are horizontal)
  • Ensures alignment across the organization
  • Clear strategic plan – Plan-On-A-Page™
  • Tools to activate and drive consistent execution
  • Flexible renewal process allows for updates to priorities

Experts in H.O.W. (Harnessing Organizational Wisdom)

StratOp is not a solution imposed upon your teams – it’s a strategic plan that is developed by harnessing the organizational wisdom and expertise within your teams.

The StratOp process helps organizations and teams:

  • Gain perspective on “where they have been”
  • Clarify “where they are going”
  • Develop a customized plan for “how to get there”
  • Focus on the most critical issues – “what’s important now”

Built into the StratOp process is a streamlined system of management that enables you to easily track progress and adjust priorities and needs along the way.

Hope is not a strategy.
But hope is what you feel when you have a clear strategic plan.
Gain perspective and strategic clarity with StratOp.