Gain the Perspective, Alignment, and Strategic Clarity Your Team Needs

to Go to the Next Level.

See your team as a force multiplier.

Teams often don’t reach their full potential for two reasons:

Taking the time to address these challenges may look like a poor trade off, but our experience tells that teams who have addressed these obstacles, outperform.


Team StratOp is more than a strategic planning process for your team – it’s a set of valuable tools that are used to turn your vision into a reality. It’s more than a clear plan of action, it’s strategic clarity.

Unleash the power of StratOp, for your team.

Developed by Tom Paterson – the man Peter Drucker once called “the best consultant in America” – the StratOp process is designed to be completed with your cross-functional leadership team and a certified StratOp facilitator from JERA Partnerships.

How StratOp is unique:

  • Quick and productive 1-2-day process
  • Cross-functional approach (breakthroughs are horizontal)
  • Ensures alignment across the organization
  • Clear strategic plan – Plan-On-A-Page™
  • Tools to activate and drive consistent execution

Experts in H.O.W. (Harnessing Organizational Wisdom)

Built into the StratOp process is a streamlined system of management that enables you to easily track progress and adjust priorities and needs along the way.

Team StratOp is not a solution imposed upon your teams – it’s a process that harnesses organizational wisdom and expertise within your team to create an effective strategic and operational plan.

Hope is not a strategy.
But hope is what you feel when you have a clear strategic plan.
Gain perspective and strategic clarity with StratOp.