Gullfoss "Golden Falls" Hvita River Iceland

Gullfoss “Golden Falls” Hvita River Iceland

The meaning of JERA, pronounced “yare-ah,” is clouded by over a thousand years of history, yet it retains a strong and consistent thread of authenticity and relevance. JERA is rooted in a simpler, agrarian society; yet, there are many lessons to be learned from this ancient symbol and its application in today’s ever changing world. These lessons include:

  • There is a time and a place for reaping rewards from seeds sown in the past, and
  • One may anticipate a bountiful harvest as a result of taking planful and deliberate action.

These interpretations resonate deeply with us both personally and professionally. Acknowledging this led us to founding, creating and naming – JERA Partnerships. Our own journey has brought us to a place where we are uniquely positioned to serve others by leveraging our experience, talent and skill in a new way. We’ve spent the past year taking “planful and deliberate” action to build a robust toolbox we can use in bringing customized solutions to our clients. We are both inspired and humbled by the opportunities that lie ahead!

Whether you are an individual trying to “figure it all out” or a leader of a team or organization in a complex, demanding environment– we believe that the principles of JERA can be a source of wisdom and understanding in helping navigate your way to greater fulfillment and success. Doing the right things, at the right time for the right reasons—will yield an “abundant harvest.”

  • How will you begin building for tomorrow today?
  • Will you know when to begin initiating gradual and lasting change in support of your vision?
  • Where are your opportunities for personal and professional growth and development?
  • How will you spend your time and effort wisely?

At JERA, we recognize that effort is the greatest power for individual success and there is a reward for positive action and past efforts. We are ready and equipped to come alongside and guide you in your journey—and see it as a privilege and an honor to do this work together.

So “What is JERA?”… in its simplest form, JERA is the “Promise of Success Earned!”